Breakout Psych-Pop project TAYLS is a lighthouse to guide your heart home. An East Nashville Supergroup created by vocalist/writer/multi-instrumentalist Taylor Cole, TAYLS is a rebellion against the Nashville standard. After almost a decade of performing in various Nashville-based bands (Creature Comfort/ Chalaxy) Cole is ready for something new.


“I want to change the way Nashville views music and art. I want to get rid of this half circle of hate in front of every stage in this city. Why don’t people stand up front and lose themselves for a night? I want to make you forget about your real life, make you feel like you’re back on the playground.”


Taylor grew up in small town Tullahoma, Tennessee—right between Bonnaroo and Jack Daniels. He came from a musical family, his Dad played drums and mother sang backup for Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw, but it wasn’t until years later that he found his desire to front his own band. TAYLS is the culmination of a musical life – an effort for Cole to display his inner Golden Light Child. With his first single “Pop Tart (Queer Boy Small Town)” Taylor wants to reach out to every other person that felt ostracized for being different. Calling back to the snarky attitude of Oasis or Jesus Mary Chain, and the Freaky-Art-Pop style of The Flaming Lips or Beck, TAYLS is an amplifier for Cole’s radiating positivity.


“I’m tired of boring shows! You’re an artistic entertainer—be artistic or be entertaining, otherwise you’re just a couple of people playing band."


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