Tribal Hoose

This is a Hoose, not a house.  The Hoose is not here to fit in to a mold, musically or personally; but to confidently show their true colors and ultimately inspire others to do the same.  The Tribal Hoose is a 7 piece “funk-rock-hip-hop” band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee.  All 7 members are from different states (AL, AZ, CT, GA, PA, TN, VA) and have different musical backgrounds. Everyone had come to Nashville for the same reason, which was to find likeminded people and pursue music.


In 2014, frontman, Blake “Mr B” Mankin had been in Nashville attending Belmont University for Songwriting for over a year when Deej (Guitar) and Kooj (Engineer/Producer) moved to the city. The day of a house show, Mr B was asked to perform, so he called up Deej and Kooj, and was like “Yo dudes I got asked to play a show tonight! Are y’all down to play?”  The two had no idea what would happen considering they had zero songs and had never played together, but the mutual response of “hell yea” ultimately led the 3 to their first show together (Kooj played bass). After a few more house shows, they wanted to add keys in to the mix, and they teamed up with the 4th official member to join the Hoose, Disco Loo.  Over time, the band got long term members SaxMax (the horniest guy in the league), Low End Teezy (Bass), and Kemp Breezy (Drummer).


As far as the name, the band had gone by the "Mr B Band" in the early days, but knew they wanted to make a more unique name when it naturally happened. Shoot oot Deej’s high school Canadian girlfriend and the Kroll show for inspiring the word Hoose. Mr B, Deej, and Kooj all lived together and named their home the “Tribal Hoose” before the band took up the name. The Hoose was a local spot for all sorts of people they knew, and didn’t know to pop in randomly and play music/freestyle/explore the neighborhood and enjoy each others company.  For two years, they went by “Mr B & the Tribal Hoose” and cut it down to just “Tribal Hoose” in early 2018. The Tribal Hoose is currently touring, and sitting on a rather fat load of content, which will be released regularly. The Hoose Moose is going worldwide.



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