Forest Fire Gospel Choir


Forest Fire Gospel Choir formed in the rural childhood home of lead singer/bassist Will McGee, while recording project free of all the distractions of modern life. Cut off from the world, the group spent a week demoing song ideas and developing a sound that gives vintage soulfulness new life. Influenced by the likes Kings of Leon, the Allman Brothers Band, and Joe Cocker,  FFGC breathes new life into roots rock on its debut eponymous EP.  McGee’s raspy vocal shines on the EP, with delivery that “hangs with his vocal influences.”Each track flows into the next with heavy hitting from drummer Kip Allen, Leon Russel-esque counter melodies from keyboardist Will Lynde, and Yin and Yang guitar parts from Nick Fields and Sam Hunt.  The EP includes a range of styles from “Daddio,” a tongue-in-cheek jab at love and cell phones, to the introspective slow-burn bar anthem “Lightning.”


Working in concert with an ensemble of background vocalists, Forest Fire Gospel Choir’s live show is a wall of sound scaled by screaming guitar solos from dual leads Fields and Hunt.  The electric live show, described as a “Bro-Fest on stage,” lets it all hang out and can turn any room full of strangers into a crowd of best buds.  Each time the band takes the stage, Forest Fire Gospel Choir embraces total reckless abandonment, inspiring everyone in the room to lose themselves in the music. As Fields reiterates time and time again, “We’re here to save rock n’roll, one damsel in a dress at a time.”

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