Charge The Atlantic

Numbers often do the work that words can’t quite explain. In the case of Charge The Atlantic, that number is 1,050.


That’s how many miles these four young men traveled from their jobs and families in Rhode Island to arrive in Nashville, Tennessee.


Their punctuated Northeastern accents stand out against a sea of silky Southern drawls. When the time comes for them to take the stage, they swagger, pound a beer, and pick up their instruments… and that’s when the fireworks begin.


Their workman-like attitude shows with their live performances. Everything is finely tuned, and rehearsed — a bit like watching men work on a fishing boat out in the Atlantic. They rely on each other to know exactly what happens next, and everything operates with a mechanical smoothness.


The beach and the ocean are always a theme.

Whereas many funk-and-reggae infused bands come from California, the Rhode Island roots and Northeastern attitude offer a unique sonic twist.


Less smokey, and more boozy.


Less beach volleyball, and more baseball.


Less beach towel, more beach shack.


Rock music has always been about creating new sounds, with your own stories, and being authentic to your background. So these classically trained jazz musicians from the Northeast are making groovy, punchy beach music, in the heart of country music – Nashville, TN. Somehow, it just works.

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