Soul Mechanic

It all started in the summer of 2009 when singer and bassist Tyler Reddick decided to create a new project. He was previously a member of Dose Mojo, but after almost three years of creating psychedelic soundscapes, Reddick was then ready to incorporate new rhythmic diversity in the form of funk. Reddick was then working on his bachelors in music education and was beginning to spread his wings as a writer and frontman.


He reunited with long time friend Clark Jackson, (who was then attending the Atlanta Institute of Music) and began collaborating as if they were making up for lost time. Jackson was a college athlete who brought the same intensity from the field to the stage. He is known for his use of modal solos and jazz infused chord library as well as his aggressive style when it's his time to step out . They cycled through several drummers and additions including local legend Yattie Westfield and saxophonist Jon Elliot until finally solidifying with childhood friends and previous Dose Mojo members (English and Kinzalow). English and Kinzalow make a powerful duo.


They spent the past seven years playing countless shows and spending thousands of hours plugging away at their "in your face" Zeppelin type sound. English with his virtuoso 70's influenced play and Kinzalow's concrete and layered approach could not have been a better fit for Reddick and Jackson's already meticulously planned assault on the world of funk/soul music.

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