Masseuse is a five-piece ensemble that blends eclectic vocal melodies, smooth guitars, and the harmonious sounds of the cello to bring the jam experience. Musically, Masseuse takes audiences on a journey through cultural passages and a world of textures, while other songs drop into the down right stanky funk. With all five together, Masseuse brings the rub-down and grooves to massage your mind.


The group came together after its members discovered a shared passion for progressive jams and improvised music while students at Middle Tennessee State University. There, Masseuse was born. Now based in the middle Tennessee area, its members write and play a set of dynamic yet amusing tunes, with influences ranging from the deep grooves of Steely Dan, to the lyrical quirkiness of Frank Zappa, and the ambient tones of Pink Floyd.


With lush vocal harmonies and memorable licks, each song has a distinct theme that naturally evolves from the members imaginations. The clever and often humorous lyrics sung by guitarist Ross Lenenski are backed by classically trained cello player Ben Van Winkle, adding depth and color. Alex Keiss’ jazz proficiencies range from delicate timbres to high flying guitar solos, while self-taught bassist Kellen Shiles brings the roots of the funk to finally be fashioned by fusion drummer, Kenneth Williams. Audiences can't help but smile when Masseuse brings the heat, gets goofy, and opens up to the crowd on stage. The energy is sure to have fans dancing on their toes and singing along to the pleasure of Masseuse.

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